Financial Management

Factors determining the credit policy

The credit policy is one of the essential factors determining both the quantity and quality of accounts receivables. Various factors determine the size of the investment a company makes in accounts receivables. They are, for instance:
i. The effect of credit on the volume of sales;
ii. Credit terms;
iii. Cash discount;
iv. Policies and practices of the firm for selecting credit customers;
v. Paying practices and habits of the customers;
vi. The firm’s policy and practice of collection; and
vii. The degree of operating efficiency in the billing, record keeping and adjustment function, other costs such as interest, collection costs and bad debts etc., would also have an impact on the size of the investment in receivables. The rising trend in these costs would depress the size of investment in receivables.

A firm may follow an easy or strict credit policy. The firm following a liberal credit policy sells their goods or services to their customers easily on credit. On the contrary, firms with strict credit policy generally offer credit sales to selected customers only.

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