Financial Management

In financial management, we study topics such as investment management, financial strategy, financial statement analysis and learn how to review the global financial system and understand the principles of descriptive and inferential statistics and their applications in the business environment.

Systematic and Unsystematic Risks

The deviation from the anticipated return is caused by is explained by 2 levels of risk: systematic risks and unsystematic risks. The sum of these two main categories of risk is the total risk to which an investor is exposed to. Systematic risk is associated with overall movements in the general …

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What is Money Measurement Concept

money measurement concept

Money Measurement Concept The money measurement concept states that a corporation should only report those accounting transactions that can be represented in terms of money. It means that the centre of accounting transactions is on quantitative data, preferably than on qualitative information. Thus, a high number of items are nevermore …

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Factors determining the credit policy

credit policy image

The credit policy is one of the essential factors determining both the quantity and quality of accounts receivables. Various factors determine the size of the investment a company makes in accounts receivables. They are, for instance: i. The effect of credit on the volume of sales; ii. Credit terms; iii. …

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What is Financial Performance Measurement

Financial performance measurement, also called financial statement analysis, uses all the techniques available to show how important items in a company’s financial statements relate to the company’s financial objectives. Persons with a strong interest in measuring a company’s financial performance fall Into two groups: 1. A company’s top managers, who …

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Business Valuation Software

Businesses planning to close, merge or acquire another company need to undergo the process of business valuation. An accurate and up-to-date valuation is critical for any business. The present-day also demands the business to be fast and speedy. Cumbersome spreadsheets and hardbound journals have become old-fashioned, and software has instead …

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Hedge Funds – Meaning

Hedge funds are private investment organisations in Europe and USA. These are generally structured are limited liability partnership with the general partner being the portfolio manager, making the investment decisions and other partners as investors. The investor partners are super-rich institutions, professionals and wealthy individuals (as minimum investment amount ranges …

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